Awesome Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Blog

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. but not all of them work so well. I will list five ways I use to drive traffic to my site.

1. Direct traffic; what made the cute blog Ikeji successful is because it receives more than 20,000 visitors to direct traffic; so it nairaland. Direct traffic is when someone goes to your web browser and type the name of your website. who is this person must have the name of your site offhat. no one will remember your site, if you do not get something meaningful to visit your site. What can get in your blog, they will not see elsewhere on the Internet. Linda Ikeji share their own stories with their viewers. she stood before his audience Taffic and leads by example.

2. Facebook pages and groups;

Facebook is one of the largest largest social media network in the world has more than 1,0000000 users worldwide and 16.0000 people in Nigeria.

I could remember when I wanted to use Facebook to drive traffic to my site. I created a page on Facebook and linked to my site. the page had more than 13k drive over 50 100 visitors per day on my website.

create a fan page and invite your friends to join. Friends say that you can use to invite people to your website. but keep in mind that not everyone will be your page. In fact, if you're lucky, you can get 10 to 20% of your friends to like your page. So in 500 friends, I have 50 flavors to my page.

I am disappointed, and I decided to try another approach, I created an account added more and more friends. i inivited all my friends on my page and have over 3,000 likes this approach, which was much better than 50 friends.

You can increase the size of your page by posting interesting content that people will have no choice but to share with friends, giving you more size.

publish articles, images, videos and quotes. make your page interactive community and people will lead to share your content with their friends. make sure your content is deeply connected on an emotional level with our fans.

"One way to publish content that drives action is to publish shocking facts, funny videos clips and extraordinary images and their fans to share content with their friends."

facebook group is huge. in fact, the benefits are exaggerated. A large group against the use of Facebook is that your fans can post content to the group, can interact with each other and can ask questions.

Group members also recieve notifications of messages in the group. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site, but you have to establish relationships with members of the first group to be a great help for them. otherwise, one of them click on your links.

3. The mobile traffic; This is the most overlooked source of traffic for blog owners, you have a contact list, do you think that some of them will be interested in visiting your site if you are sent sms. if you sell e-commerce. there is no better way to drive traffic to your website this method.

Research shows that 90% of people open their SMS reieveing ​​10 minutes. Why not take advantage of this potential goldmine of drivinf lot of traffic to your site.

4. SEO is to optimize your site for traffic from search engines; like Google, Yahoo, Bing ... if you do not lose a great way to drive traffic to your site. know that visitors come from all search engines are already pre-qualified, who are already looking for what you have to say in your content.

I remember those days, whenever I did a search on Google. Nairaland always appear in the top results. and always visit nairaland, I got used to the strange place. and not long before I became a member of the forum and many other nairalanders is also recorded in this nairaland forum.

do your keyword research, keywords are words that someone puts in a search engine when trying to find information.

for example, when one is looking for a job. could write "work in Nigeria." There are many keyword tools to advanced reasearch. but there are less complicated and easy tools like Google planner, etc. Ubersuggest a couple playing around these tools will make you a master of between them.

when you have found the keywords for your site. optimize your site for him. put your keywords in the title, create more content around these keywords and your website will appear in Google, when every time someone searches for that keyword.

for example, a quick search on Google for nairalnd produces 673,000 results. if 50% of users click on results. which means an additional 300.00 visitors nairalnd.

Popular blogs get most of their SEO traffic. SEO get more targeted traffic for free.

5. Networking; many people may even talk about your blog offline. you can tell someone that you met somewhere in your site. Having a blog on the site isnt on the computer every day (Iam guilty myself sometimes). You have to go on the network. Linda Ikeji enjoys great today because it chooses network unlike most bloggers, they just sit in their day and night laptops. this is not a good way to build a business.

if you have an entertainment blog, you can network with music industries, comedies and concerts.

If you have a health blog. you can network with companies gym, cinema, nutritionist regime.

If you have a Technology blog. you can network with phones, Apps, Games 

With all these killer startegies their fingers, I wish you to take action on one of them and begin to implement today.

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