Apple to offer '' spoken editions of short stories written in iTunes since early October

According to reports, Apple plans to introduce "Ediciones spoken" websites popular media and publishing news. "Spoken Edition" will be available in the iTunes podcast section and give users an option to listen to audio version of the content written for a site.

A leak suggests spoken editions will be supported by Wired, TIME, Forbes, Bustle, Ozy, Playboy, TechCrunch, and some other publications at launch.

Most podcast problems discussed earlier publications were made by SpokenLayer. podcasts Spoken edition will also feature audio ads, the revenue is split between publishers and SpokenLayer.

Each different podcasts publishers will sound different to ensure that the voice and style of each publication is unique.

"We make sounds with wireline and wireline security and other publications sounds like these publications. The voice and style of a brand is its writers and reports. This is unique for publication, and that uniqueness is honored, "said Mayo.

Apple should start rolling on spoken editions since early October.


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