A simple way to pair your Android watch with your Xiaomi phone!

To install and connect the watch to your Android phone Xiaomi Wear, follow these steps:
If you have a new Android Wear watch, Unbox, and then select a language.

If your Android Wear watch is now paired with another Android phone, follow these steps to unlink and factory reset. After the reset, select a language;
Then, setting closing his watch Float with the phone and dial

In the clock, flick through the steps to pair with a phone.

On your phone, download and open the Android Wear Google Play Store app.

Now click Next

If you see the screen, then press
OK to continue.

If you still have to turn on Bluetooth, tap Turn.

When the phone detects the clock, tap the name of the clock.

Then you will see the same matching numbers appear on both devices. Double-tap on your phone.

Your clock will now start to update and sync with your phone. This process may take some time.

While the clock is updated, follow the instructions on your phone screen to complete the setup of the application.

After successful pairing, you will see "Connected" on the Android Wear application.

This method also works perfectly on the Xiaomi device!

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