6 ways to take screenshots in Windows 8.1 and 10, the use of integrated tools

Some of our readers have asked us to talk about all home windows equipment you can use to make quick screen shots. We realized evidence and experimentation and found six one-of-a-kind approaches to take all kinds of pictures, with the use of third-party applications birthday. Here's how to take screenshots in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Home:

1. Use the key combination - PrtScn (print screen)

The main technique is satisfactorily met. Really it works in all versions of windows in your home, including Windows Home eight.1 and windows of your home 10.

On the keyboard, press the Print Screen key (Print Screen). This creates a screenshot of the entire screen and saves it to the clipboard. are not stored in a document on the hard drive of the screenshot.

Then open a photo editing program such as painting and photo paste clipboard. Then you can save it as a document or even do a little basic change.

2. Use the keyboard shortcut - Windows Home PrtScn

If you need to take a screenshot of the entire screen and record store as a force with force, without using other tools, press Windows PrtScn for your keyboard. eight.1 and Windows 10 display windows stores in the image library, screenshots below.

You can also locate your screenshots if you use the imaging application, using images that will be -> screenshots.

3. Use the key combination - alt PrtScn

On windows and windows eight.1 10, it is also possible to take screenshots of the animation window. Open the window you want to capture and press alt PrtScn on your keyboard.

open paint or other software for editing image and paste the image so you can edit and make purchases on your Windows Home appliance.

4. Use the Snipping tool

The crop tool is a great application for taking screenshots computer. You can create any style of screen shots and do a little light amplifier.

To discover ways to use it, please consider this teaching: take screenshots with the Snipping tool on windows.

5. Take screenshots in / low shelf house windows

If you have a window of the pill in your house, as Microsoft vivotab floor or asus or dell place, then definitely not have a keyboard with a key PrtScn to have. Of course, you can use the device cutting huge but it is not a tool with the contact.

The simplest solution is to use the hardware buttons to have in your pill. Most (if not all) Windows tablet, you can take full-screen screenshots through urgently brand windows of the house and as far button simultaneously.

You will see the dimmer screen when you do this. This is correct, because the indicators that a screenshot has become. Looking for your photo library in the snapshot folder.

6. Taking pictures with the percentage of charm (Windows Home 8.1 preferred)

eight.1 Windows has improved Windows 8 charms idea and can also be used to make and share images.


As you can see, there are many methods to take screenshots in the windows of his house and the house windows eight.1 10. Until you have complicated desires, you can use the built-in equipment and capabilities, without having to install third -Party applications.


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