5 Tips to Stop your Smartphone against overheating

The smartphone is how the human body reacts based on the temperature of the environment. modifies the internal temperature of your phone depending on the temperature of their environment. If it gets too hot can have major problems such as draining the battery, merging its CPU and battery, or caused by the forced closure of its phone.Overheating is one of the most common problems encountered by more smartphone owners.
Besides can ruin your smartphone battery, overheating is usually a nuisance that can confuse your overall experience of smartphones.

To avoid overheating Smartphone, follow the simple tips below
Tip # 1: Eliminate 4G or 3G only: Red is the overheating of a number, so sucks your battery. Your best defined in choosing the preferred available network settings instead of 4G or 3G only.

Tip # 2: Turn off unused applications on your phone. Allow applications that are not using to run in the background and the battery works up the heat on your phone.

Tip 3: Keep in a cool place: Those of you that are usually less than CA you will notice that the battery lasts longer when it is not in a cool environment.

Tip 4: If you are an iPhone user, you can check the diagnostic section to see which applications have been breaking into your phone. Go to Settings> Privacy> Diagnostics and use> Diagnostic and usage data list all situations where a crashed application.

Tip # 5: If you're an Android user, cooler master DownloadCooler Master is a telephone monitoring and temperature control business application that detects and closes resource-intensive applications to reduce CPU usage and cool your phone.

When the phone following overheating, please do not put it in your freezer, simply follow the tips above and it will be saved.


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