16 For Apple iPhone and Android Fanboys Cons: Why You're Better Off With An Android

Therefore, Apple released the iPhone as expected 7 and as usual met with much fanfare among Apple fanboys.

However, while em fanboys Apple chose to see only the impressive side (well, it is a very useful device) iPhone 7 would be stressing 16 7 against iPhone fanboys (Android, they are welcome, lol)

16 Apple iPhone CONS 7

IPhone 7 has no 3.5mm audio jack (3.5 mm comes with a lightning adapter).

The memory can not be expanded with a microSD slot as such is available

IPhone 7 has no dual camera (only iPhone 7 Plus does)

NFC functionality is limited to the payment of Apple.

No function of "quick charge" (with the epileptic nature of electricity NGR, fast charging is BAE)

No wireless charging

A "reverse charge" function (because ... USB Type C)

ridiculous battery capacity 1,960mAh (Fri)

No infrared port

No FM radio

No user replaceable battery (we know it's cool, right?)

IPhone 7 is prone to scratches

IPhone 7 hisses like a snake (HissGate) when difficult tasks (synchronization) are performed.

IPhone 7 has a bad RESOLUTIONof only 750 pixels.

EarPods cost an arm and a leg and can be lost, stolen, damaged in a snap

The price of the iPhone in July packs a Floyd Mayweather type of punch for your portfolio (about N500,000)

All this, he said, the iPhone 7 is still a very useful device (not meant for us Android fanboys)


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