WAIT!! Don’t Date Until You Answer These 3 Questions

Slow down there. … Let's make sure you're really ready for a brand new


How to get back out there in the dating sea of fishes after having

ended a long-term relationship? When considering throwing yourself

back into the pool, so many mixed emotions can arise. Feelings like

fear and anxiety can stir up in you. We may not know where to start or

if we're really ready.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to figure out if you

are ready forloveagain. Most importantly, this exercise will help you

discover whether your heart has healed and if you feel excited and

open to a new adventure with someone.

Question #1: Are you sure that you are over your last partner?

If we've not completely let go of the idea of our last relationship we

cannot fully move on with the new. It's very important to check

yourself to see that there are no lingering emotions about your last

partner. You want to make sure you are completely you again and there

are no lingering emotions.

Question #2: Do you know what you want next?

It's a great idea to have in mind what you are looking for next.

We learn so much from pastrelationshipsabout who we are and what we

want and don't want in our lives. What are you looking for in a

partner and a new relationship. A clear outlook on this help you avoid

fears or insecurities that may pop up. Go ahead and make a physical or

mental note of all the qualities you feel you want and don't want in

your next relationship.

Question #3: Who are you now?

Transformation comes through our life experiences. You may not be the

same person you once were after finishing a long-term relationship

with someone. You may feel like a completely different person than you

thought you were or you may just feel like the old you again. Either

way, knowing who you are in life is the No. 1 thing a person can do.

It's also important to realize that you be happy in your own skin. If

you're not sure of yourself, you could find yourself in an unhealthy

relationship down the road.

It's important to sort through your emotions before throwing yourself

into thedatingscene. Having a a clear understanding of what you're are

looking for allows you to move freely and easily into the next phase

of your life.


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