Top-10 Scary Facts About Sleeping

Feeling tired? Forgoing sleep in favour of some urgent activites? Maybe you should know that chronic lack of sleep can seriously damage your health. Below are some points which could make you want to reconsider your sleeping habits and start going to bed earlier: 1. Lack of sleep is a serious problem in contemporary society. People are overworked, always busy with their gadgets, lacking time. That is why we stay up late. 2. Sleep is as important as healthy nutrtion and physical activity; unfortunately, a lot of people underestimatethe importance of good sleep habits. 3. Your decision-making skills, reaction time, situational awareness, memory, communication processes are all affected by lack of sleep and can go down by nearly 30%. 4. By sleeping less that seven hours a day, you’re at a risk of getting obesity diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease. 5. People who sleep less consume more calories with their food, which negativey affects their weight. 6. Experts agree that sleep problems are among symptoms of many mental disorders. 7. Your brain clears out toxic chemicals while you’re asleep. 8. Shift workers who work overnights have problems with managing blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes. 9. Fatigue is one of the top causes of road accidents. Sometimes, a ‘microsleep’ would occur, a momentary involuntary bouts of sleep. These 5-10 seconds of unconsciousness can have deadly consequences, especially for someone who is driving at night. 10. Studies have shown that students who sleep more hours have better grades, healthier appetite, and positive mood. Bonus fact: By staying up late, we miss all the benefits of good sleep, which are: increase of our creativity, re-balancing of emotions, improving cardiovascular health, boosting metabolism and our immune system. You’d better figure out how to get these seven hours of sleep daily.


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