Should I Have Sold My Virginity For N600,000?

I have been making most of my withdrawals across the counter since my

ATM card got expired last month.

Anyway, I breezed into a random Diamond bank yesterday afternoon to

withdraw money.

Got the withdrawal slip and wrote out a whooping sum of two thousand,

five hundred Naira. ( I had to spell it in full so the amount would

seem huge)

My hands were stretched out non chalantly to the female banker and

when she raised her face to receive my slip, I recognise her as Seun,

my room mate in my 200L.

'Damn!" I cursed. Not when I am appearing this shabby. I should have

added another zero to the N2500 if I knew I was going to bump into


As girls who haven't seen each other in more than two years, there was

bound to be some sort of comparison. I heaved a sigh when I remembered

my account balance is just N22000.

"Lord have mercy! Naija single girl? Is this yewwww?" she exclaimed,

stretching out her short arms in an unsuccessful attempt to hug me

over the counter.

She snatched my slip and gazed at me pitifully.

"Babezzz are things that bad? This one N2500 is bringing you to the

bank. I could pay you from my pockets you know."

No thanks!

During our days in the university, Seun was a flippant part time

student. We often teased her that her type may go as long as ten years

without getting a job.

I even promised I was going to lend her my NYSC khaki to take

Instagram photos in her backyard since part time students were not

eligible to participate in NYSC orientation exercise.

Today, the wheels of fortune has spun in her favour.

I had to lie I actually came to the bank to withdraw 15K. I took the

slip from her, tore it into two and wrote out another draft of 15K

which she paid from my account.

On getting out, I had to board a vehicle to another branch of Diamond

Bank to pay in the 12.5K balance sharp sharp! Zero tolerance for


Last night, we had a lengthy conversation on phone.

She wanted to know why I was unemployed and I kept dismissing her

with, "Don't worry about me jare. I'm working on something."

"Something ke? Lie lie! You think this your good girl attitude would

get you anywhere in this country?

Don't you know I got my banking job through Chuwkudi, that my sugar

daddy. If you didn't dull his friend your story would have been

different today!"

Chuwkudi's friend was a stinking oil rich magnate in Portharcourt. I

met him through Seun but there was a problem. He was married!

Seun is of the school of thought that there is absolutely nothing

wrong in dating a married man so long as both parties share some

fringe benefit in return.

Chuwkudi's friend was generous. He was ready to dash me one of

Nigeria's oil well if only I was willingly to spread one of my legs to

the South South and the other to the North East for him whenever he

needed TLC.

Each time he came by my hostel, he would squeeze N10000 to N15000 into

my palms for dinner.

During my first and unfortunately, my last tour to his company's

lodge, he promised me an IT placement in Mobil. I was going to get an

already furnished flat at his quarters after graduation. He was going

to influence my NYSC posting to an oil company and of course, a well

paying job upon completion of NYSC.

All these promises in exchange for my hymen…

"Sir, but I told you I cannot…I have not done this before…" I trailed off.

He tore off a page of his cheque book, scribbled something down and

handed the paper over to me.

"This would be yours if you spend tonight with me. . . I would make

you the envy of your friends." He swore.

Six hundred thousand Naira was written boldly on the cheque.

The highest amount of money that had ever been offered leisurely to

someone in my family's genealogy.

Honestly, It took a special level of grace to dropped the cheque on

his table and walk out that door forever.

Did that singular 'goodgirl' attitude cost me my surest ticket to this

good life I crave for? I hope not.


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