Many students have raised eyebrows and have come out to express their reactions over the passed bill in Absu which have already taken effect.

Below is one of the stricking reactions:

No school fees, No course registration, No registration, No result policy, we accepted with good heart, but we say NO to this" no school fees no lecture".
Even when the school portals frustrated our life
due to the delay and mistakes in portals, the students have no option than to write a carry over in that course, not because we failed but because of the inefficiency of the portals.

The students are among the stakeholders of the school, therefore i think we should be considered first before any policy should be applied in the school.

I oblige every ABSU students to say no to this new development, because if u can afford to pay your fees on time, what about your friend who is next to you who can't afford three square meal.
Our voice must be heard
Say no to no school fees no lecture


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