Good day to you all great IKENGAS & IKENGRESSES.

My name is Comr NWOKEKE SOCHIMA. Your votes gave victory to me as the S.U.G. P.R.O. as well as other executives who are currently occupying different posts in our union. Yes we are because you are but don't forget that we are STUDENTS just like YOU.

For a while now, I have watched the media being floated by different posts of supplications, lamentations, presentations and identifications.

The Silence from the S.U.G. on this issue of school fees policy for the past few days was not due to the lack of interventional capacities or facts but based on diplomacy and psychology of human response and behavior.

Many of us don't even know the true state of things and the angle where everything is heading to. For most of us all we know is that we were asked to leave the classes just like we do in the secondary school. Please the following is the true position of the situation:

+ Absu is one of the 7 Universities in the country that is still paying 100% salaries to their workers despite the recession period.
+ Absu is one of the few universities that possess and maintain accreditation in all the departments existing in them.
+ The maintenance of the institution has been the responsibility of the school administration without assistance from the Government for a long time.
+ Absu workers are not owed as they are paid as at when due to inhibit strike actions from any of the staff unions.

Fellow students, honestly speaking if we don't pay, it is as good as not coming to school at all because soon workers will go on strike and we will be at loosing end.

Great Absu students, I want you to understand that RIOT is the retaliation of the insane. Many students have been behind the scene pushing the SUG executives to go on placards and heat up the campus on violent grounds, yet they only empower this suggestion on the social media as they can't come out openly for the action they suggest.

Let's take demonstration at FUTO by her students for example. Guess what?
-they are back to pay the proposed fees,
-they paid surcharge fees for the demolition of infrastructure and even innocent students who didn't play any role in the act also paid.
-the best part of it is that the lecturers and workers were earning their full salaries during the period.
-now, they are still talking of first semester proceedings at this time of the year.

Ideally, there can't any protest without a dialogue and so protest is very much out of the context.
This is because, the S.U.G. has been on dialogues with the school management.
Without any sentiment I want to say this, most of us keep our school fees in our banks accounts comfortably, some squander theirs while some look profits with theirs while waiting for moments like this so as to pioneer the agitations when the University needs the fees.

The Vice Chancellor has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and miscomprehended. Honestly, He did not attach any penalty at the expiration of 2 the weeks Grace he gave to pay up. He knows as a father that times are hard and has continued to be considerate but we students have not stopped summarizing his administration as wicked and callous on public grounds.
While the S.U.G. President and Vice are always frequenting the senate building pleading on behalf of the students, all we get are not your prayers, support and even encouragement but castigations...S.U.G. this, S.U.G that.

We are students like you who and we are poised to act with positive virtues for the betterment of our union.
At least, our initial plea got us the 2weeks grace and we are not tired of pleading. We will continue to plead for the students who are yet to pay.

But the last we shall do is to go violent and silly, Comr Remijius led administration will not be party to that.
It is well. Standing on this ground for the S.U.G. President, I want us to live up to expectations as God's own students and remain optimistic for once.

I know this may get most students furious but read this post again with honesty in your heart and act as your conscience directs you.

Remijius led administration will plead, persist and advocate for the students continuously.
That's the reason for Unionism and not Violence.

I stand for honesty.
God bless you all.
I am the S.U.G. P.R.O. and


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