How to update your blogger blog via sending email

Hello guys, are you working with blogger?. Or having own blog?. If yes, then here am gonna share you this exclusive method for How to update your blogger via email. Do u have any doubt about how to write my first blog post with mail to blogger service. It is not the blog post schedule template. Yes, you can easily update your blog by sending email to your blogger email with the secret word. Blogger officially launched this service as mail to blogger. By using this service you can update your blogger blog new post via sending emails. This feature is really useful for mobile users. Because blogger sites doesn’t comfortable with mobile devices. When using android mobile you should use blogger app for manage your blog. But there is no extra features for update your blog with your desired look blog post writer contents.

In this mail to blogger blog post service. You need to send your post content as email to your blogger email update address. Actually This is old method, But here am sharing this method with extra tips. I mean, many bloggers using this function for update blogger blog via email. But while sending email, That all contents only visible as text format [Including your html codes]. So am sharing this method here for update your blogger via email in html format. Just follow my below tutorial for update blogger blog via email.

How to update your blogger blog via sending email :

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard And click on settings.
  • Then select on email from drop down menu, here you can get mail to blogger settings.
  • Now choose your secret word and select Publish posts Immediately.
  • You can also save your posts in draft for update it later.
  • Then save settings and Done.

  • For posting on your blog from email, Just open email.
  • Create new email to your blogger mail post email address.
  • Open es file File explorer and Create new file in html format.
  • Type your post content in html format and save it.
  • Then Sign in to your gmail account and Compose Email.
  • Replace Your Gmail url. Just replace the U with H and open.
  • Now you are getting gmail basic html mode.

  • Write Your Post Title In Subject, Add Your Post.html File in Attachment.
  • Don’t write anything in message box for writing a blog post and send it now.
  • That’s all. Your message sent and your blog updated with your post.

You can check your post in your blogger blog updated properly with html format. Unlike previous mail to blogger write a blog post methods, this method is exclusively helps you for update your blogger blog posts with email.  Try and enjoy this How to update your blogger by email method in your blogger. I hope this method really helps for mobile users for update blogger.


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