Top technology Fitness and Health Gadget to be bought in 2017

The technology has affected the all the phases of life especially our obsession with fitness and health. As the customers want more and more technology in fitness and health the marketers and technology developers are putting more efforts in making more advanced fitness and health gadgets.

Some gadgets have been updated with new and latest technology while other is completely new in this field. You can choose the technology which is will provide you better results for your health and fitness. There are many of the latest gadgets which are introduced in the market later past year and very in this year as well.

Top technology gadgets for health and gadget:

The Fitbit Blaze:
The Fitbit is one of the most famous smart watches which help you track your fitness and health. The Fitbit Blaze is the latest technology of Fitbit smart watches. This smart watch helps you track your calls and text on the screen which is available in different colors. This watch comes with the data-sensing which allows you to track your heart rate, beats per second, and GPS as well. It is available in different colors and ideas to work out on-screen as well have music to add entertainment to your workout. This smart watch is available under $200 which is a low price Fitbit when compared to other smart watches.

iFit NordicTrack Escape:
well everyone with the fitness target or health conscious people owns or uses the treadmill. But new technology has advanced the regular treadmill and make it more interesting to use. The iFit NordicTrack Escape is now the coolest treadmill in the world which has a big 60-inch OLED TV attached to the treadmill and this screen helps you have a visible display for the runners. The most exciting features of this treadmill display of the streets you are located in or from far away through the Google treat view. This allows you to enjoy a running experience through a block by block. You can also experience the location from different areas, countries and far. If you are a nature lover and unable to explore the tracking and outside walk you can choose the hills or steep location which will adjust and move the treadmill according to the screen, it will gently decline, move right or left to adjust according to the location on the screen. But this treadmill does not come cheap and cost you around $800 to $10000, in case you are stuck t the indoors you must invest in this.

Under Armour Healthbox:
The Under Armour Healthbox is a combination of three gadgets which improves your fitness and health as well as allows you to track your health. This health box is equipped with the latest technology gadgets which not only allows you perform better but also helps you record your health data. This box contains a wearable tracker which keeps the track of all your exercise and activities. The UA band which shows the duration of your workout, its intensity and other details without touch required. The last thing you will get in this box is the heart rate monitor which can be strap around your chest and provide you a complete monitoring of your heart rate and record other activities. You can sync all your gadgets with the Bluetooth and keep data from every device. This bundle is available in $400 but can be bought separately too.

Coaching Headphones:
Every person is different from other and has a different body as well, so is their fitness and health goals that are why to fulfill the fitness targets you must have a personal trainer. Personal trainers are not only very expensive but managing times is also very difficult. That is why the KuaiWear Coaching Headphones are here to help you, just insert the ear buds in the ear and get started. This KuaiWear Coaching Headphones is an actually a practical and portable personal trainer. This headphone includes a biometric sensor which gives you details of real-time training, vocal feedback on your exercise and fitness as well as the performance of your workout. The headphone acts just like a training coach which allows you to adjust your pace and details according to your fitness and health. This is attached to the app and has Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to track your activities and make a record of your health. These headphones are available around $150.
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HexoSkin shirt:
The technology has now advanced itself to the clothing and shirts and made the world’s first biometric shit called the Hexoskin Shirt. This shirt is available for both male and female and measures your physical activities such as heart rate, breathing rate, sweat etc and sync all this information to the device. You can also allow access to this data to the fitness and health apps and make data related to your health. This shirt requires the hardware pack such as battery pack and USB cable to keep it charge and transfer the data; this is available in $299.

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