How to become uc news publisher and make money

How to become uc news publisher and make money – Hello Friends, All of you know about uc news app for reading news and articles. But do you know you can make money with uc news app. Yes, now you can become uc news publisher and start making money with uc news ads. For publish news on uc news, you can get paid by submitting news and monetize your news with ads. Here in zybermedia am sharing the articlehow to submit your site to uc news. Now you can earn money by joining uc news and publishing news articles. There are some requirements to get uc news publisher approval. Here in this post, am explain the uc news monetize program.

Uc news app is just like other news applications like news hunt. Just you can share uc football news, uc davis news, uc berkeley news, uc irvine news or your local area news or political news to monetize uc news. You can join uc news and submit news to get followers and visitors. Uc news followers are important to get good earnings in uc news app. Because in the requirements to start monetizing. They requires minimum 7000 visits for your one post on last 7 days. You need to wait 7 days to start making money. Here am explain the requirements and quick money making methods of uc news for monetize your news.

How to become uc news publisher and make money :

  • Goto Uc News Publisher Account Signup Page
  • Now create a new account and compete the registration process.
  • For publisher approval, It takes minimum 2 days.
  • Then you will get confirmation from uc news.
  • Just login to your uc news dashboard and start publish your articles.
  • Click on the New Post button to publish your news.
  • Then your news will be verified by uc news and your news got indexed in uc news app.

After publishing your news on uc news, your followers and views will start increasing. It’s enough to monetize your news articles. But write some healthy contents which will attract your readers for easy approval in ad monetize program and healthy earnings.

How To Enable Ad Monetization On Your News Articles :

  • Choose Reporting Tab On Uc News Homepage.
  • Then Choose The Income Data.
  • Here select Ad Monetization and start making money with uc news.

Note : For Getting approval in uc news, You have registered for at least 7 days. and have successfully published at least one article achieving more than 2000 views.

Terms From Uc News :

  1. Your revenue will be counted from the day you successfully apply for ad monetization.
  2. Last week’s gross income is updated every Wednesday.
  3. Total balance refers to the current amount of money in your account, approved balance means the income that is available in one withdrawal window.
  4. Monthly withdrawal window is from 26th to 28th every month, with a minimum amount of 50USD.
  5. You can only withdraw once every month and cannot adjust the amount. All the approved balance will be withdrawn in each withdrawal.
  6. Once the withdrawal is completed, you will be informed by mail or internal message.


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