Latest MTN Data Plan & Prices 2017 For Android, iOS, PC In Nigeria

Have you ever been seeking out all MTN data anticipates January 2017 ? Are you confounded of the facts set up you have to subscribe additionally, use in your Android telephone, pills, iPhones, iPads, computer? Are you ignorant of the facts expenses, initiation codes and legitimacy period? are looking for no more since you are presently at the appropriate location as every one of the inquiries above and greater are answered here fundamentally for you with the purpose that you'll come to a decision a advanced selection in relation to shabby MTN statistics arranges and programs.

MTN Data Plans 2017

Couple of years returned, prices of information preparations had been too high that it changed into hard for normal regular character to subscribe for any facts package then but brief ahead it to this time, we have some notably modest statistics arranges that fits every magnificence of people: be it understudies, graduates, common laborers,legislators, marketers what is greater, even Ogas within the government sits.

without squandering plenty time, permit me start revealing each one of the facts  plans which are as but filling in as of this modern-day month at the MTN arrange.



This every day data arranges proves to be useful whilst you are doing an crucial component at the net or when you have something to do at the internet but unexpectedly come up quick on statistics. It facilitates you entire your work with no trouble pending the time you subscribe for a extra arrange.

MTN 30MB For ₦100 

This association was only 10MB for N100 yet now you could get 30MB with a similar value that's three instances advanced to what you used to get better some years. The association good sized for handiest in the future (24 hours) and may be applied on any device. To subscribe for it dial *104# or basically via sms via messaging 104 to 131

MTN 100MB For ₦200 

I wager you numerous MTN endorsers are uninformed of this association. in spite of the reality that it valids for simplest 24 hours however it will be useful someday while you genuinely needs to accomplish something extra vital. with just N200, you get as lots as 200MB. To subscribe to plan dial *113# then again via SMS by way of messaging 113 to 131.


For the week by week data anticipate MTN, we don't have numerous alternatives alternately choices with the exception of the famous 750MB for N500 arrange for which is substantial for 7 days from the day you enacted it.

MTN 750MB for ₦500 

Despite the fact that it appears to be some way or another expensive however when you consider past costs for data arranges, my dear you will snatch it with grins. In any case, don't choose yet as i have such a large number of other data arranges on this article which I exhortation you to peruse through some time recently  picking your favored arrangement.

To subscribe for MTN 750MB for N500 data arrange dial *103# You can likewise enact it by means of SMS by messaging 103 to 131


Yes the baba of all data arranges, Monthly arranges are the most subscribed of all as they are practical and offers more volume of information to do simply anything you wish to do on the web. Compassionately tail me along as I present this arranges, their costs and enactment codes to you.

MTN 1.5GB for ₦1,000 

This arrangement began a year ago with 1.3gb for N1000 yet MTN later chosen to expand it (After Glo expanded the volume of their arrangements) and now you and me can appreciate 1.5GB worth of information for only 1000 Naira. To subscribe for it dial *106# Then again by means of SMS by messaging 106 to 131

In the mean time, on the off chance that you fall in the class of individuals that utilization a great deal of data like me, I trust 1.5GB won't be sufficient for an entire one month so you ought to consider different plan with greater data volumes like the 3.5GB for N2000 naira arrange. To subscribe to plan dial *110# On the other hand by means of SMS by messaging 110 to 131

MTN 10GB for ₦5,000 

Still on the matter, individuals like me that debilitates numerous gigabytes of data every month go for this arrangement. This is the reason I said at first that MTN have data gets ready for all intents and purposes all classifications of individuals and web clients.

Especially helpful to web control clients, the 10GB MTN information arrange gives you unparalleled access to the internet for a full month at 5000 Naira. this arrangement is appropriate for bloggers, web advertisers, consultants, and comparative classifications of individuals.

To subscribe to plan dial *116# On the other hand through SMS by messaging 116 to 131 MTN 22GB for 10,000.

Like truly? try not to be frightened, this arrangement is for the most part suited for entrepreneurs, digital bistro administrators and the preferences. It's not for individual utilize. On the other hand are you willing to pay N10k for a month data plan? I lough in swahili. To subscribe to plan dial *117# On the other hand through SMS by messaging 117 to 131.

You can on the other hand subscribe to any of the above information arranges by basically dialing *131# and taking after the prompts on the screen


This kind of data plan is a data plan mostly used by Cyber Cafe Operators, Office men and the rich. A normal person can also buy a 2-Months Data Plan if he or she has the money.

The only bundle under MTN 2-Months data plan is 50GB for 20,000. To subscribe or activate this plan, dial *131*1*4#.


This kind of data plan is a data plan also mostly used by Cyber Cafe Operators, Office men and the rich. A normal person can also subscribe to a 3-Months Data Plan if he or she has the money.

The only bundle under MTN 2-Months data plan is 85GB for 50,000. To subscribe or activate this plan dial *131*1*5#. 


Do you know you can get twofold of the considerable number of data pla above with a similar cost? For example, rather than getting 1.5GB for N1000, you will now get 3GB for the same N1k. Additionally you can get whooping 7GB for only N2000 rather than 3.5GB for same N2k. This has been my method for getting a charge out of twofold information on MTN since a year ago it's as yet working today. Would you like to likewise appreciate it? click how to get MTN Double Data.



To get 500MB with only 25 Naira on MTN is made conceivable by means of the MTN Night Data Plan offer which is accessible for MTN Pulse supporters. At the end of the, prior day you can appreciate this arrangement, you need to relocate to MTN PULSE

Therefore, you can relocate to MTN Pulse by dialing *406# on your MTN  line and you are good to go. Also take note of that the night information will be usaed between the hours of 12:00am and 4:00am and is legitimate for just a single night.

Would I be able to subscribe again that night in the wake of depleting my 500mb? No! when it's spent, that is it for the night. you have to sit tight for the following night.

To subscribe MTN Night plan, you should have no less than 25 Naira adjust on your MTN beat line and content Night to 131. That is. " Night " to 131 (without the quotes).

MTN WOW Weekend Plan 

This bundle is for chosen MTN endorsers. At the end of the day, not accessible for all clients but rather on the off chance that you are qualified, you ought to get a SMS like underneath:

"Exceptional offer! Purchase 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB FREE data. Dial *131*110# to enact. Dial *131*4# to view information reward. Reward Valid till Sunday 11:59pm." To enact it, simply dial *131*110#

That All For MTN. Stay Updated For Others.


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