How To Start Make Cool Money With Affiliate Marketing? 2017

Affiliate Marketing is one of the approaches to profit online in which you advance other organization's items or administrations with the goal that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind of offers system is additionally called as referral system. I have been profiting with partner showcasing for a considerable length of time utilizing my distinctive activities, and according to my experience I cansay that it is one of the best adaptation ways bloggers must not miss. I have taken in a great deal of things working for a considerable length of time with this great advertising method.

There are numerous blogger companions of mine who ask me which offshoot program they ought to join to profit, Let me let you know that it's not the associate program that profits consequently but rather your aptitudes do. Those projects are quite recently the stages; you need to utilize your promoting and duplicate written work abilities to offer items on your blog. 

Below are few sure fire ways to make money with affiliate marketing : 

1. Generate Traffic and Engagement on your Blog : 

When you like to be an affiliate of some brand, you need to apply for that with your blog. They mainly review your blog's stats content, and popularity to decide either to approve or disapprove. Thus, the very first step you need to take is to generate traffic and engagement on your blog. Organic traffic has been the winner for me because most of the purchases happen with this traffic source only. So, you have to generate huge organic traffic from your targeted keywords.

Engagement is the second thing you should work on because when you work on this part, you actually make friends with bloggers and readers who read and comment on your blog most frequently. There are many sure shot ways to build engagement like : 

1. Build email list, so send regular mailers to subscribers.
2. Run contests once in a while.
3. Use short surveys to ask readers about their feedback on blog content quality.
4. Have your picture on the blog – this helps in association of visitors with the man behind the show.
5. External high quality relevant links where ever applicable does a great job in building relevance for the reader and
leads to engagement.
6. Embed videos at suitable spots – This can be about the product details or demonstration or may be un-boxing if it's about a device. 

As the relationship grows, trust stats building up too. So when you recommend something to buy they are likely to buy or further share your recommendation. It really works! Though Organic traffic is the most important source, you must work on other traffic sources as well. Never put all of your eggs in one basket! Spreading your income sources is
required to be on the safer side.

One most important thing is, work hard to get targeted visitors because targeted visitors are most likely to buy products. Non-targeted users mostly come and bounce back thus no monetary benefits you get. 

2. Apply for different Affiliate Programs

Though the number of sales you make is not program specific, I would still like to list out the best affiliate programs. Number of sales mostly depends on the number of targeted traffic, your compelling content, and your authority in your niche.

You should join Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon and Clickbank to start with, there are many more but it makes lot of sense to work with few and get the most out of them. Make sure to build a good blog, and generate some good amount of traffic before applying to any affiliate program. 

 3. Choosing the Right Product

Most of the affiliate marketers do mistake by choosing every kind of products to promote. You must choose the right products to promote which are relevant for your blog content. Affiliate marketing success heavily depends on this factor because if you don’t promote the right product to the right audience then don’t expect the sales.

If you want to promote a product, make sure you have a Range of articles related to your product. Suppose I have this blog in technology niche. If I want to convert more sales, I should be focusing on 4-5 articles on related subjects to draw user's attention, rather than one single post with affiliate links.
It's important to show up as a authority in a niche. The reason for above is that a single unrelated product will not pull much organic traffic while a related product can get organic traffic and can be interlinked to get maximum exposure. 

4. Promotion

Now this one is the final and the most crucial part of affiliate marketing. Right kind of promotion can get your more sales. There are many ways you can promote the products to maximize the sales.

The First thing you should keep in the mind is that you have to get the affiliate link of products to link while promoting. You may get these from the affiliate dashboard of the program. 


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