How To Spot And Identify Fake Infinix Note 3 Smartphone

Few days back I recently posted on how you can know fake or original Infinix smart phone and their battery, Which was really help helpful to Infinix users today I just wanna let you know about the latest fake Infinix note 3 that entered the the market, am going to show you how you can easily spot and identify fake Infinix note 3 easily so that you won't end up buying fake Infinix note 3 thinking that you now own original Infinix Note 3. Well the real Infinix note 3 Features 6.0 inch HD screen, a sleek design that's only 0.9mm thick and a 4500mAh battery life, the NOTE3 is unstoppable. The NOTE 3 reflects Infinix committment to technology, innovation and quality with it's groundbreaking features.

How to spot and identify Fake Infinix Note 3 Smartphone

The positioning of the sensor is different From the real one

No SD card port in the fake one while the real one has

Finger print sensor for the fake is not functioning

Charging port positioning of the fake is At the top

When you purchase the fake Infinix Note 3, you will only find Charger, Ear pieces, Screen guide and Extra usb cord as the accessories.

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Word of advice always buy your smart phone from a trusted market


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