You Should Read: How To Access Websites Without Internet Connection On Android

We all know that when browsing on several sites that need fast internet and most of us have a slow internet connection takes a long time to properly load web pages. So what happens if you say you can download the entire website and browse them later even without internet connection?

In fact, this is possible with an application for Android. We all love to surf the Internet with our Android device. Therefore, you can download all the web pages you need to read all day and you can browse the content even if you do not have internet connection. Therefore, let's learn how to download web pages for an offline consultation on Android.

How to Access Websites Without an Internet Connection on Android

➤ Step 1. of all you need to download and install the application "Offline Browser" on your Android device and Google Play Store 1. First click to download

➤ Step 2. After installing the application, you need to open the application and see the screen as below, just click the " " icon to add the link.

➤ Step 3. Now, on the next page, you must enter the link to download and title (The name you want to save). Now press the download button.

➤ Step 4. Now wait for some time until the end of the link browser for offline viewing.

➤ Step 5. After downloading, you will see the screen as below. Now you can open it without internet connection.

Here! you're ready. Now you can browse the website store without an internet connection.

Therefore, it is how to download the entire site for an offline view. This will help you a lot if you want to visit a site regularly! You will not need these extra data to visit the same place over and over again. I hope you like the post! Share with your friends too.


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