WhatsApp Has Extends The Support Of Nokia Symbian OS & BB OS To July 2017

WhatsApp is supposed to stop working on BlackBerry phones and some Nokia that are running the BlackBerry operating system, including Symbian phones as well.

But the grace period upgrade to an Android or iOS device, in order to continue to enjoy WhatsApp or say goodbye to the world's most popular instant messaging applications.

In recent notifications sent to users,

WhatsApp has extended support until July 2017, so if you still use a BlackBerry device running the BB operating system or Nokia old school devices, make yourself a favor update.

In the meantime, this extension excludes phones with Android 2.3 and earlier versions, Windows Phone 7 or iOS 6.

Chaiii I wonder what people continue to do BlackBerry and Nokia symbian phone, when they are very interesting android smartphones out there to buy.


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