What's New In Android 7.1.1 Nougat

The latest Android operating system called Nougat and known by others as Android 7.1.1 update has been sent as OTA (over the air) to some Android devices, such as Google pixel, Nexus E.T.C. Android 7.1.1 update is not yet available in most brands of high-end smartphones, but we are confident that before the end of the first quarter of 2017, almost all star smartphones will update.

We will carry out an analysis of the new features of Android 7.1.1 packages along their gift bag, for unknown reasons, Google decided not to make a list of expected changes as a user who is in Pixel Nougat system, Android operating system. An average user who just upgraded your device Marshmallow to Nougat have the impression that Google did not bother to add new features, probably just wanted a new name for its software, which is a bit Just because the new operating system looks like marshmallow. Let me enjoy by new Nougat features in a few paragraphs, okay?

➤ Press twice to wake up: It seems that Google rushed to the production of Pixel and Pixel XL make you forget to add the most important feature that makes our power button stay in the game a little more, the Double-touch wake up. The new update brings onboard the double tap to wake function, turn this on your Pixel smartphone, just navigate to the configuration of "moves", the rest is self-explanatory.

➤ Baseband and kernel update on the new Android operating system solves bandwidth problems 5 unstable connectivity with which users are fighting certain pixels.

➤ Lift the phone to check: This function is simply the function of displaying the environment under a new name. What it does is allows you to review your new notifications as soon as you pick up your smartphone from a surface, the screen enters a gray scale mode to allow easy power up availability with your device.

Other notable changes include patches and complaints related to the camera minor bugs.


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