Top 10 Best Website To Start Your Online Importation Business & Make Cool Money by marketer expert

If you are thinking of starting online importation business here in Nigeria , there are many things you have to think about and make decision on but no matter what decision you make, you still need a trusted or some trusted website ( s ) to do your online importation business. Highlighted here is a list of the top ten websites to do your online importation business.

Amazon – Amazon is the best online shopping website I will ever recommend, they have the best quality and the best products with reduced price ranging from refurbished and used to new Electronics , Apparel , Computers etc. . Amazon features numerous services including one - click buying , extensive customer and editorial product reviews , gift registries, gift certificates , wish lists and photo processing .
New Egg – You can buy many things at New Egg but they put more attention on the Technology part of life unlike other websites in this list e . g Laptops , Computer parts , Accessories and so on .
AliExpress – Aliexpress is also a good place to buy cheap Electronics , Appliances, Fashion Stuffs etc. But note that Aliexpress is located in China thereby most (not all) of their products are Chinese products . Aliexpress currently offer more than 11 million unique consumer products across more than 4 , 000 categories , ranging from apparel and accessories to consumer electronics to jewelry and more.
EverBuying – This is another stop spot to shop for Mobile Phones , Cheap Laptops & Tablets but the site is mainly filled up with Chinese products just like Aliexpress.
DHGate – DHGate is a Chinese Wholesale Marketplace for Small and Medium Buyers interested in purchasing Directly from China Manufacturers with Extensive catalog, free drop shipping , wholesale discount , express door-to - door shipping , escrow service .
CellularCountry – This website only sell Used , Refurbished and New Phones . You can even get a neatly used BlackBerry as low as NGN 5000 on Cellular Country , just check the sites for more details .
Do you know some other website(s ) where online shopping / importation is not expensive? Kindly share those you know and also Feel free to ask any question , contribute your suggestion or opinion related to online importation.


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