The M6 ​​Gionee: Marathon Is Not A Fantasy

For the world of smartphones, it is the exception of the occasions because it is far from the best. The M6 ​​Gionee is a recent evolution of the all-powerful species that ensures elevating Gionee's smartphone experience to the dimensions of the newborn with a sturdy battery.


The Gionee M6 can claim this type of label. With a dazzling 5000 Milli Amps battery that comes with a 700wh / L density potential, life in no way stops. And one of these powerful batteries, the thickness is ocho.2mm simpler. Reward is also a dual 9V2A charging chip allowing faster speed and higher cooling effect load.

Perhaps also that it serves the energy of the financial institution, so one can cost up to 4 different telephones.


The M6 ​​also Gionee facet scanner fingerprint button residence. Having the sensor at the input allows a much faster release and safer use.

Every person needs house

And the Gionee M6 can afford a lot! Its interior makes one think of a 64GB ROM pertussis which can store additional documents, songs, games and movies. The M6 ​​also has a RAM of 4 GB. For you see it? They do not hold; No delay You can open multiple applications while.

Each FLASH TELLS a narrative

The Gionee M6 ​​ it self a redefinition of what it means to take a picture. With an 8MP input and 13MP rear camera with facial beauty and a monitor flash that allows you to take selfies in the dark hours, any act of images to become an experience; Each story tells a story; Every memory is endless.

Take hold of the sensation

The G6 M6 is not infallible; Few questions are. Probably, however, it can withstand a fall - and that's what matter very few are ready. With a sequence of 6000 aluminum, the metal ratio M6 is as high as ninety seven%, higher than before. After fifty-eight complicated treatment, smooth and durable metal finish comes with a size diamond with a higher rate seems.

Different facets

The Gionee M6 also acquired an AMOLED glass; 5.5 inch FHD display; WCDMA / GSM; Manipulate far infrared; Reveal report; Break the window; Micro dual SIM; Android 6.0; 4G ; Map industry and translator scanner; The consumption of reasonable force; gyroscope; Digital compass; Gravity sensor; Light sensor; Hall effect sensor; And a proximity sensor. Processor MT6755.

The new M6 Gionee is a fortune to see; However, experience stronger than read the sentences.

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