The Latest Version Of WhatsApp 5.10 GB Video Calls And Two-Step Verification

Although there is a lot of messenger WhatsApp modified version available, but GB WhatsApp is definitely one of the best out there. With GB WhatsApp, you can install and run WhatsApp up to three different accounts on the same device at the same time.

GB WhatsApp also comes with many features such as unlimited choice for the theme of your WhatsApp UI as you like, send blank messages, lock your WhatsApp without third party software, hide your latest observed features.

The latest version of WhatsApp 5.10 GB even comes with two WhatsApp checking steps, which are not yet available on the official request.

GB WhatsApp Features

* The ability to hide

* Privacy options

* The ability to distinguish between collective and

* Possibility of a lock for Watts in the password August

* The ability to send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB

* The ability to send audio clip size up to 100MB instead of 16MB

* The ability to send 90 images at a time, without 10

* Possibility of a case where the number of dependents 250 characters instead of 139 symbols

* The ability to push the links without saving the sender of the message or the owner of the number

* Counter statistics for groups

* View media without charge

* The ability to hide the name and date when copying two or more

* The ability to copy the case

* The ability to change the form of the program, and change the icon and program notice

* And many more features.

Registry Changes and Features Added to Version 5.10 GB WhatsApp

* Updated to version 2.16.352 Almarki

* You can now connect audio and video (video call)

* Added 13 new icons for the program (Option 6.0)

* Add option no.8 for cache file management, and the possibility of removal (up to 2 gigabytes rather Hajj constantly remove)

* Ability to protect your account through two-step verification (Configuration - Account - Stage Verification)

* Possibility of a name for the group consisting of 35 symbols instead of 25 characters

* Support displays the elapsed time of the last occurrence when the 12-hour format (optional 2.2.2c) is used

* When sending grand show of VSAT

* The Add button next to media files to be transmitted quickly and add options 01/02/56 and 02/01/57 to change the color of the button

* Repair implementation issues loaded on the phone on some devices

* Fixed the look of old photos instead of new

* Other reforms


* Download WhatsApp Version 5.10 Go (To run three accounts)

* Download GB WhatsApp3 Version 5.10 (To Run Four Accounts)

Note: You can run all three versions of WhatsApp WhatsApp with their stock without any problems.


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