Reports Copyright Infringement To Google Adsense

Hi guys, here I share the most common question of the answer. Report copyright infringement to Google Adsense. Now, one day many bloggers using google adsense to earn money through google adsense. But everyone is copying other blog articles to make money through AdSense. In this edition many bloggers lose their traffic for their working copy paste. Here I will share the tutorial on how to report adsense adsense account scanners to Google AdSense and easily ban anyone in a short period of time.

Copyright violation report from Google Adsense;

Google Adsense allows you to Reort Copier AdSense DMCA unwinders. Here I will show you how to report google adsense copyright materials.

Steps to denounce copyright infringement to Google Adsense and Google Adsense Account A close:

➤ Go to Google Adsense DMCA page

➤ Now enter your name and e-mail address.

➤ Choose the "None" option in your choice or select the editor and enter your adsense ID editor.

➤ Fill in the copied content URL to the URL field violation (URL publishing)

➤ Now the mark of choice violations in the lower part

➤ This site distributes the material of someone else's copyright, perhaps without permission

➤ That's all. Now scroll down and look at the details of the violation: *

Enter your complaint and send it to Google Adsense.

By submitting the form URL of the page in the message will be sent to Adsense team through the .pdf format.

Unwrapers to copy can not escape the elimination of the publication.

That's all. In just 2 or 3 days AdSense account reported will be disabled for google adsense for violation of adsense terms. Also broadcast the DMCA URL team as spam and block content URL copied Google search results. Report copyright infringement to Google Adsense

Therefore, the guys Above method works very well. I am also following the above steps at and Now, both are the loss of your AdSense account. Bout inform before contacting them to the e-mail address of the site or contact form. Also attched the warning message while the google adsense report. Otherwise, only the 5 page report urls new low. Because the principle adsense mark the account as spam (or) suspend temporarily. Then continue copyright infringement. These site url have been added as whitelist. And they never get new adsense at the same place. While adding ad adsense codes. Show only gaps in the widget domain. 
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