Popular Reasons Why Adsense Reject Your Application

When I started blogging a few years ago, I created a blog tried to work on some things on the blog recently created after weeks of non-stop work trying to make the blog beautiful and concluded in me "yes google must accept "I applied but it was rejected, yes, I am unfortunately rejected even with the amount of effort put into the blog. I read the rejection message to send to my mail again and again trying to get where I was not doing well, but I did it because I did not want to, I gave on adsense. It was recently I found this message and read it again with an open mind that really wants to get where they really did or did not do well who gave birth to this post, which will serve as a guide for future and ambitious bloggers

Reasons Why Google Adsense Reject Your Application

Insufficient content: to be approved for AdSense and display relevant ads on your site, your pages must have enough text in them, which will be reviewed by our specialist: Yes, that was one of my claws at the time I 'Was not in position 5 in my blog before applying for adsense this was my number one game. You must have a good article and much interesting in your blog before Google approves your application.

Copy and paste henchmen: "Your content must contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not just titles," all the content of my blog was copied and pasted on another unpublished site and given credit to the original author , All I was doing was copy and paste, which left me wondering how google then came to know that no original content. "Maybe I got myself copied and pasted" what I thought

The broken links: make sure your site is fully built and launched before applying for AdSense, are not applicable while your site is still in beta or under construction or simply consisting of a website template. All I wanted was adsense on my blog without checking for broken links. Ma on the page was carrying 404 error page no privacy policy, contact us not good navigation system if at all where where all links broken, do not make this mistake account

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