Pc Tips: How to Repair Damaged Laptop keyboard

Hello my opinions, I will discuss the keyboard of the laptop and desktop today. Some time ago, one of my clients has in his laptop with complain that most keyboards do not work.
These are usually caused by certain factors that will be discussed in my next post (5 crutial MAKING FOR HEALTH AND PC LONG TERM).

I immediately took it, I took it to my room and start trying excess keyboard damage, but it was only a few keyboard work

So I decided to start working on it since I have not yet set up a restful computer so basically I do not have the tools and equipment you should have.


You will need some specific things to do

A bottle of alcohol

Hard brush

A heater, in this case I used the sun as it had not

First remove the keyboard from the laptop (you only need to lose a screw on the back of the laptop in most computers)

I sorted the methylated spirit on the affected keyboards

Then I used the hard brush to clean the affected areas until the alcohol dries

You can do the same for the back of the keyboard as well

Next, place the keyboard in the sun to dry and reheat (1hrs), depending on how your sunny area is

What else? Simply fix the keyboard back and check if your work well, otherwise leave it for a few minutes and continue to press until heated from the heat generated by the computer fan and start working smoothly.

Otherwise, repeat the procedure to apply more methylated spirit and allowing longer hours to dry.


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