Nokia Launch Phones With Android Smartphones Offers Before

We all know that Nokia's return to the smart phone market is one of the latest trends in recent times. However, the recent report indicates that the Finnish company Nokia could launch the phones endowed before Android smartphones.

Nokia launch phones with features before Android smartphones

Nokia's return to the smartphone market is one of the latest trends in recent times. There were many rumors and leaks that suggest that Nokia is about to make a comeback with a new range of smartphones and tablets running on Android OS. And we all know very well that Nokia is one of the most well-known brands of all time.

But so far, were just rumors finally arrived confirmation that in 2017 Nokia will return to an area that knows better than anyone else.

However, everyone knew that the return of Nokia smartphones production and its own reputation of the brand will help you to strengthen its presence in the market. Several rumors have arisen repeatedly and evidence that the company will certify new devices, but always came without any confirmation arrived.

After the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft, the company could not produce or market new devices under the agreement that was established. But now the Microsoft technology giant has sold the brand and the exclusivity contracts has come to an end, it is time for Nokia to return to its original position.

Therefore the good news is that Nokia is ready to make a big recovery in the smartphone market in 2017 as a Finnish based company is preparing to launch two new smartphones.

The rights for the launch, manufacture, sale and advertising of Nokia phones are purchased by HMD worldwide and the company has selected Mother as world lead agency. Mother has deployed marketing efforts to improve smartphone sales with the Nokia brand.

An essential update on the Nokia website has a section not seen for a long time. The company confirmed that its first smartphone with Android will be released in early 2017. The news marks the return of the Finnish company's smartphone market, after the sale of the mobile device division at Microsoft, in 2013, above .

But wait, as a new piece of information the new emerged, which simply indicates that the most iconic Nokia phone feature would come before Android smartphones. Now this sounds very strange right.

As this new information comes directly from an interview with HMD Global CEO Arto Numella, which has already been published in The Economic Times. In the interview, Arto Numella, CEO of Global HMD has offered enough clues about launching a branded phone made by Nokia Global HMD. HMD Global CEO Arto Numella said that "global HMD companies worldwide since the day the new function phones (Nokia brand) are released."

Therefore, it is now clear that the new Nokia phone feature will also come to India and India, the Nokia function still considered one of the best phones, even India is still considered one of the best markets Nokia. Therefore, the launch of new phones once again marked by Nokia makes all sense.

HMD Global CEO Arto Numella also said that the new Nokia smartphones will be launched in early 2017 as planned. However, new long phones can arrive before the new Nokia smartphones.


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