Mark Zukerberg Presents Jarvis, His Virtual Home Assistant

Founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg, on Tuesday, Jarvis introduced to the world. Jarvis is an assistant at home with a difference - not human, but an application. This software was developed by the contractor's technology to meet a variety of needs around the house, turning off the light, adjusting the room temperature to that which is favorable, preparing meals and even providing Mark with a change of clothing.

Jarvis responds to Mark's voice and talk to him, allows customers after a face identification, also warns you of your schedule and things happening inside the house, for example, when Max, the daughter of Mark Priscilla, Mark Jarvis informed about it. There is very little that Jarvis can do around the house that you can see in the video shared by Mark.

Although the application is still under construction, Priscilla, Mark's wife, found some problems with it first. At first, the application does not respond to Mark's voice, completely ignoring the Priscilla instructions. He also complained of the voice used before was a bit aggressive (the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger). Changes were made later to create what Mark yesterday presented the world; A user-friendly and useful software that detects your needs as a family and encounters - and sometimes rejected if not approved. Hahaha

Watch the video below to see the answer after Mark Jarvis asked him to play some good songs from Nickelback.


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