Load Profile Image WhatsApp Without Clipping - Step By Step Guide

Hello my beautiful viewers, today I will discuss how you can set the profile image WhatsApp With Out Crop on your Android phone. Virtually all users of Android WhatsApp experience when they want to upload a photo as a profile picture, they will have to reduce what could be a loss because you will miss an important part of the picture.

Is not it bad? But the problem solved. Here I will set u teach her how to load an image as WhatsApp profile without cropping. In this article, I will show you the details on how to make wise photo step of WhatsApp profile without

Harvest Now that I think, WhatsApp not supposed to allow cutting before loading an image.

How To Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping ?

So guys, read the following steps so that you can upload a profile picture in your WhatsApp without clipping. First, you need an application called Squaredroid. This application is the tool that will help you. Which means that this application is that it will help resze resolution image without cropping. now here. Download Squaredroid here and are detailed below easy steps with screenshot.

Then successfully install Squaredroid, open the application, and will be with 3 options on the application page. Here, click on "Choose a photo".

When the next page shows the full menu, now select the image you want to load the gallery tye WhatsApp without cropping.

Here, immediately, Squaredroid automatically resize the image of WhatsApp success and instantly, the cropped area will also be removed without loss of quality.

After all, click the Save icon at the top right of the application page to save the image. You're done

Now upload your WhatsApp photo profile to untrimmed.

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