Latest Android Chrome Allows You To Store Music, Videos And Complete Web Pages For An Offline View

Popular web browser, Google Chrome just launched a new version is Chrome 55 (55.0.2883.84) for Android. The latest version focuses primarily on performance, memory, stability patches, as well as different ways to back up web pages for offline viewing.

The updated Chrome browser includes a new "Download" icon that can be found in the Chrome menu overflow. With the new download button, you can now save a complete web page, including layout, text and images for an offline view.

You can also use the new download button to upload multimedia files such as music, videos and photos to view them offline directly. Unfortunately, this will not work for YouTube videos. Although you can download and save YouTube Web pages for offline viewing, you can not play them offline.

You will also see a menu from the list of all downloaded files, file types and storage usage.

Apart from the new offline feature and download the latest version of Chrome 55 also highlight any misspelled words in the text fields and improvements to the contextual lookup interface If you have not yet received the new one Version, take a day or two to deploy your way through Google Play.


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