Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556: How To Root And Install TWRP Recovery

Infinix 4 X556 Pro was hot as successor Hot Infinix 4, a 4G LTE, which is one of the top priorities in choosing a smartphone in Nigeria, the latest prize is now 45,000.

How to root and install TWRP recovery

How to root and install TWRP recovery through the hovatek team.

You need these materials before you can do:

* A personal computer

* USB cable

* VCOM DRIVER, download here

* Exe SP Flash tool on your PC, download and extract

* for your Android device, download here

* TWRP Recovery for Infinix Hot 4 Pro, download here


Before you start, make sure that you have a battery charged at least 60%, and download the above battery files.

➤ Scroll through the phone settings and locate About phone, press and find Build number and type 7 times, a pop-up message appears showing that it is now a developer.

➤ Just before Options About Developer and USB Debugging Locate, activate hands slide right

➤ Find a USB cable to work and connect your phone to a PC

➤ Transfer the to your phone's memory

➤ When you are in the previous step, turn off the power and unplug the phone.

➤ Unpack the zip file that you downloaded TWRP to your desktop

➤ Install and run SP Flash Tools

➤ loading files 4 floppy disks Infinix Hot SP

Navigate quickly to your desktop and select the file in the unzipped TWRP scatter folder.

➤ In Flash Tool SP Check that Recovery

➤ While in SP Flash Tool, locate the Select option and choose Download

➤ The next step is to click the Download button on the SP flash tool

➤ Now connect your device with your PC via a USB cable

➤ The flash process starts automatically and will not change the cable at this time.

➤ After a few minutes, a green circle will be displayed with an OK sign

➤ Once finished, you must start the phone in recovery mode, which can be done by pressing the power volume button for a few seconds.

➤ Now is the time to consolidate his hot 4 follow the steps and guidelines for the Infinix hot root 4

HOW HOT Rainar Infinix 4 PRO X556

➤ After successful download confirmation, place it in the root folder of your SD card.

➤ Start your Infinix Hot 4 TWRP Pro mode by holding down the power and volume button for a few seconds.

➤ While in the TWRP click install and locate where the was saved and select, After dragging to the right and wait for the flashing process to complete.

➤ Once finished, restart your device and enjoy your newly rooted hot pro 4.

➤ To check if the tester has root root device downloads really taken from the Play Store and see for yourself.

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