How to stop Facebook Videos AutoPlay On your phone

After reading this post, you remember these days, the videos on Facebook will only play when you play? In fact, I really think it was much better than this autoplay we now see videos on Facebook.

On the other hand, when the videos are read in automatic mode in Facebook, the data is drained, even some of these videos start playing in public when it is supposed to be private videos. Therefore, if you want to return your Facebook at this age where videos are not automatically played on Facebook, just follow these steps outlined in this guide.

We start with the setup menu. Well, basically, we use an iOS platform to explain how to stop autoplay video on Facebook mobile apps. Well, the processes using iOS are very similar to Android.

Well, take the option menu "Configuration" when the lights, take "Account Settings" from the context menu

In the Account Settings menu, take the "Videos and Photos".

After selecting "Auto Play" from the "Videos and Photos" menu,

At this point, have the ability to change the setting between playing "never" always regardless of network, and that Wi-Fi auto-reproduction. Well now take "Never Autoplay Videos".

That's just all, these Facebook videos do not play anymore on your phone without your permission.


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