How to Stop / Avoid Inadequate Android Storage When You Install / Update The Application

How to Stop / Avoid Inadequate Android Storage When you install / update the application, how do you feel when you want to install a new application on your device and says there is not enough storage space ? Right Left, today better understand why and how to successfully avoid insufficient storage space.

Most Android devices have expanded the slice of external memory card space some of them primarily work in the built environment, in the first case there are opportunities to move entire apps pre-installed (built-in) applications and Applications that can be customized all secure cache applications (unwanted files) to clear the memory.

Stopping the insufficient storage space

I will show you how to stop inadequate storage, it does not require rooting first guide and the second guide requires rooting.

Shortage of insufficient storage space without rooting

💥 Open the settings, press Applications, in some applications or device is optional Application Manager.

💥 It  moves laterally to the ALL section. You will see a list of all applications and the amount of storage space they take.

💥 Plus Click the menu or button and select Sort By Size to organize applications that take up more space.

💥 Touch an application to see how much storage you are taking, both for the application and their data (the storage section) and for its (Cache section) cache.

💥 Touch Clear cache to clear the cache and clear that space. You can also press Clear data, but that deletes your files, which is very likely to be a bad idea.

On some devices, there is a faster way to automatically clear the cache of all applications:

💥 Open the Settings application, press Storage (must be on the tab or section of the system). You see how much storage is used, with details about the cached data.

💥  Press  cached data. In the confirmation form that appears, press Delete to clear the workspace cache, or click Cancel to exit the single cache.

Stopping the Insufficient Storage Space in the Routing Device



Lucky Patcher

Note: This step requires rooting, if not understand rooting verify what is Rooting, if you want the root of your Android device, there are many applications that can do this but the most guaranteed is KINGROOT all rooting with kingroot need Activate mobile data to perform the rooting process successfully and within minutes your androiddevice will root successfully.

Now after rooting will need to download Luck Patcher with this application can be moved two embedded applications such as custom application to external memory.

Follow this guide to free up internal storage space

💥 Install and open  Lucky> Browse all apps you want to move to SD> Touch it card> Click "Move to / sdcard"> Click "Yes" Patcher

💥 wait a moment "depends on the size of the application"> then a message of success appears

Repeat this step for each application to free up more space.


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