How To Make Your Blogger Blog Appear In Google / Bing / Yahoo Search Result Faster

In this publication, you will learn how to make your blog appear in Google / Bing / Yahoo search results. Before you do this lesson, make sure that you have done the keyword research. All new people who use the Internet always dream of making your name on the search engines; I was also like them. What I would say is that the blog allowed this for many people on the Internet (called bloggers) also helped make millions of dollars from the Internet. So here in this post I will show you how to make your blog appear in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Keep reading.

Adding your blog to Google
 As Google is the number one search engine, I will start with it. Let's see how to add your blog to Google.

If your blog is on Blogger, you should not add your blog. It will be added directly, since Blogger is owned by Google. Despite this, you need to enter your Google tools for webmasters and check step no. 5.

 Go to Google Webmaster.
Sign in with your Gmail account.
Click "Add Site", then enter the name of your blog.
You will be asked to check that the blog is entered is yours, so choose the meta description check, and then copy the code. Add it to your model.
Now that your blog is added, the next step is to add your feeding link. If you're on Blogger, check out this post: Why Google only indexes 26 pages of your Blogger Site Map?

Adding your blog to Yahoo and Bing

 Before, when you want to add your blog to Yahoo, you have to go to Yahoo Site Explorer. Now Yahoo has entered into a partnership with Bing, which is owned by Microsoft since November 21, 2011. So for your blog appear in Bing and Yahoo, you have to send only to Bing, and displayed at once. So, let's see how to add your blog to Bing:

 Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and connect using your Hotmail this time, not Gmail. Click Add Site, which is next to the Delete Site button. Add the URL of your blog. You will be asked to check your site, so you should do what we have shown above to check the authority of your blog. And then you're done!
Now your blog is added to Yahoo and Bing. Last words:

 This message was simple. Wait for my post tomorrow; I'm sure you'll like it. This position is part of our SEO series. Therefore, check out better jobs. Now, tell me, what is your range of Google


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