How To Customize The Home Screen Of The iPhone Without Jailbreak

If you use an iOS device then definitely one thing I would not like about the operating system, which is the reduced ability to customize the home screen. You can simply replace the wallpaper in the home screen, change the location of the icons and voila. While the biggest rival Android OS provides users with exceptional control over the customization of every aspect of the home screen that is incredibly good. If you feel like less when you see an Android device with an incredible appearance and iPhone feels like in relation to them then you need not worry because there are options and methods by which you could also be Able to customize your iPhone screen from too much even if not yet at Android level. Here in this article we discussed the method and application of the method would not be necessary, even jailbreaker your iOS, just get the method and apply it so early. If you are also ready to see your iPhone in another great look, just keep reading the article and the method.

How to Customize iPhone Homescreen Without Jailbreak

To customize the IOS home screen, we will use the iEmpty site through which we would use the tools within it, and thus make empty icons for the home screen of the iPhone. These empty icons can be arranged on the iOS home screen and, therefore, help customize aspects of the system. You can go through the article to find out how it actually works.

Homescreen steps to customize iPhone without jailbreak:

1. First, open the Safari browser on the iPhone screen, then go to the "iEmpty" site. This type of site is different but is only the simplest type of general website consisting of several iOS customization tools that users can use in real time with your device.

2. After the site is launched on your device, locate and tap "Create icons on white". You would be pushed to the other screen where you have to find and tap into the various option labeled "Add" placed under the language to customize.

3. redirected to the page where you need to upload the photo or screenshot from the main iOS / iPhone screen. To do this, you must place the application icon on the empty home screen, then take your screenshot. The icon must be the one you want to recreate on the site.

4. After loading the image from the screenshot on the site, will be sent to another screen that will show the drawings ordered empty icons on your screen screenshot screen, just press that so you want Have placed the icon and then move on.

5. Tap the Simply Party icon option when you see the empty icon created on your screen on the site. Share select "Add to Home Screen", then add it to the Home screen by simply pressing the question mark icon in the empty icon, select the Add option. Here, its icon appears on the home screen!

By using the iEmpty site, you can also create your own custom icons, and then add them to your home screen via the same sharing method. To create a look and click on the option to place "iCustom: custom applications icons", continue with the options, close the application icon, icon image, effect icon and then share with your homepage. That's all!'

And what was all about the method now has everything on this method and is ready to transform the home screen your iPhone is by applying this method. You have noticed that through the method or process does not need to get even the price of iPhone jailbreak and the whole method could just go. If you are still waiting after reading the article, then you are not a true iPhone lover, everything goes and shows that your device could also give up a home screen seems like the world would love me.


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