Google Chrome For Android Just Added New Unique Features

Good news for everyone! 55 Chrome (v55.0.2883.84) for Android has been released and brings some unique features that enhance the experience of Google Chrome on Android.

Google Chrome for Android offers new unique features

This year, in early September, Google introduced the "Data Recording" mode only to ensure that Web pages load faster on a slower 2G connection. The Dava Saver option compresses images and text while saving 60% of valuable data. The beta version of Google already had a "Download" function for offline viewing. However, off downloading function started now.

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android (v55.0.2883.84) provides many improvements as well as the "download" feature. In addition, improvements include a better search and optimization interface for RAM. Therefore, if you have a device with less than 1GB of RAM, Chrome for Android will consume 35% less memory.

The new download feature added to Chrome for Android application allows users to download music, videos and complete web pages for offline viewing, meaning you can save the entire web page to access it later, Without internet connection.

Now you can watch videos and web pages without Internet in Chrome for Android. Users will see the backup function icon next to the audio or video player to start the background download. The update also adds another feature that will help you highlight the misspelled words in the text fields in the browser.

Google also said in its official blog that the update also brings improvements to the contextual search interface in the browser. Therefore, users must keep an eye on Google Play Store because Google says that the update has been released and will be launched in the coming days.


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