Facebook Is Testing A New Custom fram Photo Tool

The space of social networking today is proven to be one of the most difficult areas to date digital battle. The market just seems to follow their own trends, often mysterious, sometimes leaving the titans like Google on the big picture. The mercurial nature of the company, therefore, fast and aggressive competitive moves mandates and it is no secret that Facebook and Snapchat have been tied into a social battle for a while.

In response to the first multimedia approach ghost yellow niche, Facebook began to experiment with their own experience in several cameras. The latter is a limited release feature that allows users to create custom profile profiles. The idea is exactly what it sounds like - you take your favorite editing software from the picture and create transparent images, then organize, upload to Facebook and have you and others use it as photo frames.

Currently, the beta is currently being tested in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, UK and Ireland, which have been selected for this initial release, which markets currently use Facebook photo profile frames are the most. This is precisely where this first custom installation function currently frames resides.

However, the company has bigger plans for the future. Custom frames are actually part of a much larger package, Facebook calls the camera deck effects. As the name suggests that the social giant plans to expand the role to both functionality and achieve the ultimate goal of creating an experience similar to Snachat with life filters, labels and superposes these frames.

In fact, another beta version of what is known based on the camera on Facebook application is currently running test in Ireland as well. It covers all the Snapchat databases, such as the animation mask and the aforementioned filters and throws into other interesting twists, such as "reactive" filters that respond to body movements, Prisma style d Art and geofiltros.

The latter seems actually more promising in our opinion, because of the nature of the Facebook platform. Users and businesses can benefit from geographically-oriented filters, overlays or other content that only the camera is enabled and available to the user in the vicinity of a venue or while participating in an event. Of course, Snapchat is not far behind on this front either.

If you live in one of the markets of the beta test tool customized profile you can check the source link where you will find some tips for making overlays and content guidelines. Currently, Facebook seems to be viewing function as a promotional tool for events and causes, so that most other uses can be rejected. At least at this early stage, namely. There are models also download and use.


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