Download Derelict - FPS Game APK / OBB v1.0 [APK DATA ] - For Android

For more than 20 years, the space station has been lost. A former facility has been used as a prison and a research center that contains some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy ...

Something has gone wrong here, they are all dead, it is their mission to enter and collect data from, but ... are there really?

This is a first person shooter taking game in this abandoned station, the game has a game mode, survival mode.

In future updates and multiplayer campaigns will be added as well as new content such as new maps, weapons, enemies and general treatment and bug fixes.

What's New:

Performance improvement


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Written by Charles Mobis, Tuesday, December 14, 2016


Game Genre: FPS

Game offered by: Juan Enrique Pedraza Rejon

Size of the game: 177Mb

Game Mode: OFFLINE

System requirements: Android 2.3 and higher.

Current version: v1.0

Updated: 12/09/2016



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