Did You know Apple Appreciated Galaxy Note 7 Disaster 

A man's poison food another man, a man's losses are the gains of another. Such is the situation with what Apple is to find in Samsung in the smartphone now. Because the misfortune that Samsung had suffered the disaster has failed Note 7, Apple has exploited this reasonably increase its share of the US market to 40.5%. This is actually a year of 7% over the year. While Apple has its blessings, Samsung counted their losses.

This was, according to statistics provided by Kantar and of good reputation in the statistical analysis of the world market. The increase in Apple's market share is impressive as it shows that not too many people were angry at the fact that the iPhone 7 had no 3.5 mm jack. IPhone 7 was a mega success in the US followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 reached by the iPhone 7 Plus.

One of the statistics that will surely arouse interest is that the new pixels Google smartphones also marked its branding on the sales report as invented in the smartphone market in the United States. This is really a great success by Google, believing that these phones were introduced to the market not long ago, on October 20 - a few days before the end of the quarter that ended in October sales.

Google has achieved 0.5% of sales of smart phones, a good sign since the Pixel was only available from October 20. In this short period of time, Google has reached the parity market with established brands such as Huawei and Microsoft, which are also at 0.5%. "

All the way to Asia, China in particular has a violent local competition. Apple was on the side of the losers as it gave some reasons - with a market share down to 17.1%, a significant decline of 22.5% last year.


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