Bluetooth 5 Is Now available For Device Manufacturers

At the moment, technologies have evolved a lot in a few years, making mobile devices to provide the services we enjoy at the moment. Therefore, the Bluetooth 5 is now available for device manufacturers, offering 2x speeds and upgrades in the 4x range.

Bluetooth 5 Is Available For Device Manufacturers

One of the most important advances we left late in the last century is undoubtedly wireless communication. Just look back and see how it has changed the way we relate. Therefore, we must thank technologies such as Bluetooth, mobile networks, infrared or Wi-Fi.

These technologies have evolved a lot in a few years, making mobile devices to provide the services we currently enjoy. Now, almost two decades after the first protocol is the latest version of Bluetooth, a technology that has been useful when Wi-Fi does not work for certain tasks.

As we all heard in early June, the fifth version of Bluetooth will be developed to be much faster and more powerful, also more compatible with the new connection concepts that are coming into our lives. The Bluetooth 5 is a notable improvement over previous versions, looking for an increase in performance with low power consumption by devices that are located near the connection.

This fifth version is much faster and it came with a range capability of 4x, yes, it is now 4 times higher than before, with a rate of 50 Mbps transfer. This rate represents a significant increase in version 4.2 is 24 Mbps. The ability to send data is 8 times higher, which implies greater stability of the connection. There is also an improvement that avoids interference with other existing technologies.

It is obvious that to take advantage of the improvements that the devices will have the new version. Bluetooth 5 has been officially released, it is now to manufacturers included in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (exceeds 30,000) to begin to implement the new specification in its products.

It is hoped that we can start seeing the Bluetooth 5 action in the next devices in the first half of 2017. In any case it is an improvement that makes little sense in this era of Internet objects.


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