Apple Blames the "Air" For The Problem Of The iPhone 6s Battery

Do you have a problem where your iPhone leaves randomly and unexpectedly without reason? Apple is blaming the air for the problem.

Seriously, the problem is in the air.

In a support document on the company's website, Apple says it has traced the problem to "a battery component has been exposed to more controlled air than it should, before being assembled into Packs of environment batteries ".

This, in turn, caused "batteries to degrade faster than a normal battery and cause stops".

Apple is also required to stress that these are not a security issue. The company also notes that the iPhone is designed to disable automatically under certain conditions such as extreme cold low, which is a feature to protect circuits from low voltage conditions.

Here you can find information about specific phones for iPhone 6s affected. If the device is affected, Apple will replace the battery.


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