All USSD Codes For Mobile Money Transfers For All Banks In Nigeria

As technology evolves, the financial sector is not far behind, they have developed various software to make it easier and faster banking. Service Data USSD Additional Unstructured means and is a service that allows you to pay your bills and make other transactions simply by dialing a code on your phone, USSD codes are also called quick codes.

Almost all banks in Nigeria now have their special USSD code for mobile money transactions such as: Airtime purchase, account opening, balance / check inquiry, transfer of money to the same bank and d Other banks, cash-on-the-go, etc.

The service is similar to Internet banking, except that do not use the Internet, so that when a person does not have Internet access, he / she can still use USSD codes for banking transactions.

You can not use the SIM card line or the phone used to open your account to perform USSD transactions. If you lose that line and do not plan to welcome you again, just go to the bank and change your mobile phone number and you are ready.

All USSD transactions require a PIN that serves as security against fraudsters and other bad people. You will be prompted to set the PIN code (4 or 5 digits) the first time you try to make a USSD transaction code. .

* Note that for most Nigerian banks can not perform USSD transactions unless you have at least 10 Naira in the mobile line with which you have registered your bank account, so if you can not make a transaction error "no Available "), check the balance of your account and reload your line.

Mobile The USSD code transfer service is fast, safe and convenient. Find below the list of all USSD codes for mobile money transfer for all Nigerian banks that currently offer USSD service.

List of Mobile Banking Codes USSD for all banks in Nigeria in 2016

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD code for money transfer

Guaranty Trust Bank is the first bank in Nigeria in terms of electronic banking. They were one of the first to introduce the USSD banking, code USSD * 737 # GTBank is. The minimum transfer limit is 1000 Naira and daily transfer limit of 20,000 naira * *.

To transfer money from your account to another GTBank GTBank, simply dial * 737 * 1 * Quantity * GTB Receiver Account # for example, * 737 * 1 * 5000 * 0123456789 #

To transfer money from your account to another GTBank Bank, use * 737 * 2 * Amount * Other bank account number, p. First Bank # for example, * 737 * 2 * 10000 * 0123456789 #.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

USSD banking code fidelity is * 770 # and the maximum transfer allowed per day is 20,000 naira.

Fidelity Bank USSD code transfer of money to other banks is * 770 * Beneficiary Account number * Number for example * 770 * 5000 * 0123456789 #.

 USSD  First Bank Code For Money Transfer

The first bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria for electronic banking. The USSD * 894 First Bank code is #.

To transfer money, dial * 894 #, a list of options, including transfer money, withdraw money and make purchases, pay bills, buy airtime and manage Account appears. To transfer information, type 1 and send.

Just follow the instructions and then after the transfer.

Transfer code USSD Wema Money Bank

Wema Bank is relatively new in the USSD banking sector but offers a good USSD service. Wema Bank is USSD Code * 945 #.

To transfer money with Wema Bank, simply dial * 945 #

A list of options, including open an account, my balance, Send money, buy airtime and cash, pay bills, change PIN, change account Link BVN, control card, pay phones , Receive Western Union and Genera appears OTP.

Reply to "3", which involves transfer, you are prompted to choose whether it is a Wema Bank account or other banks. Answer and follow the corresponding number simply by following the on-screen instructions.

 Skye Bank Transfer code USSD  Money 

Mobile code Skye Bank USSD is * 833 # and transfer, all you need to do is dial * 33 # from your mobile

Sterling Bank USSD Code For Money Transfer

Mobile banking code Sterling Bank is USSD * 822 #. To transfer, simply dial * 822 # and still follow the instructions each time you use the BankUSSD Sterling service, Five Naira will be deducted from your line.

Diamond Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Code Diamond Bank USSD has been on the mobile money stage for a while and is USSD code * 710 #.

To transfer money to a bank, simply dial * 710 * 777 * Beneficiary Account number * Amount * PIN # for Y'ello account holders
For Diamond Bank Diamond Bank Money Transfers, dial * 710 * 710 * Account Number * Amount * PIN #

EcoBank USSD Code For Money Transfer

USSD mobile code * 326 # ECOBANK is and has instant transfers, account balance, bill payments, bank accounts and mini-purchase features of airtime. To transfer money from your ECOBANK account, dial * 326 # and follow the on-screen instructions.

Zenith Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

The Zenith Bank USSD mobile bank code is * 966 # and gives you access to open an account, check account balance, recharge cards to load and transfer money.

To transfer money from your account to another Zenith bank, dial * 966 * Amount * Beneficiary Account Number # and follow the on-screen instructions.

First City Monument Bank Transfer (FCMB) USSD currency code

USSD mobile code * 389 * FCMB is 214 #. To use the USSD FCMB service, you must visit an FCMB branch or call your customer on 01-2798800 to obtain your PIN.

To transfer money or perform any other operation after receiving your PIN, simply dial * 389 * 214 # and follow the on-screen instructions.
Unity Bank USSD code for money transfer

Mobile Code Unity Bank is USSD * 389 * 215 # and transfer money, just dial * 389 * 215 # and follow the instructions.

Heritage Bank, KeyStone Bank and United Bank for Africa (UBA) do not yet have USSD codes for money transfer.


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