Airtel Internet 3G 4G Server Simple Trick For PC Users

Users Hello, Today I will share this airtel for free 3g 4g simple internet server tip last working for PC users. You can use all the tricks based on the actual and actual host work host using simple server on the PC. Here I will share this method with the full tutorial. To make free use of the actual host / internet host based server through simple tricks. The only server is similar to vpn Android drivers like the psiphone manipulator and tweakware manipulators. Follow the steps below to use the free Internet on your desktop PC using the Airtel SIM card.

Host is the primary means by mobile networks. Many mobile networks have free web hosts to access the free Internet charges for their home services. Here we use proxies and forecasts in managers to access the Internet for free using the host. You can check your free work hosts open their web pages related to the network. To browse the web pages of the home network. Your network provider does not charge the Internet from your main account to use their websites. So we can use a proxy in the internet apn settings and use it directly with the help of the host.

Airtel Internet 3G 4G server simple trick for PC users:

➤ After downloading the simple server from the link above. Just delete the folder.

➤ Here you get two files: a single application server and a single configuration file server.

➤ Click Single Server Configuration File and edit with Notepad.

➤ Place any working host like (o) (o)

➤ Now back up the configuration file and double-click a single server.

➤ Open Mozilla Firefox and configure Firefox by Simple Server.

➤ Access Mozilla Firefox settings >> Access advanced settings.

➤ In Network Settings Use a proxy that - like and port - 8080

➤Ahorre and connect to the Internet. Enjoy browsing and downloading Internet access for a single server on your PC.

You can use the simple Internet server for free use on any network using home work.

In this simple server. You can choose your own working host to connect to the Internet for free. In simple server configurations in configuration file configurations, the default proxy is configured. If you feel slow internet. You can check the high-speed proxy work through proxy server provider sites. Or just search the proxy google high-speed work list. Use Proxynova and HideMyAss proxy lists for high-speed work.


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