14 Tips To Increase Your Android speed and performance

1 . Clean up your home screen All UIs Android 4 . 4 Nexus Stock Android Touchwiz LG UI
If you choose to use live wallpaper then consider replacing it with a good static image . You should also clean away any unused icons and limit your widgets to the essentials. The less cluttered your home screen is , the better in terms of performance .

2 . Uninstall and disable unused apps You don ’ t want to allow apps that you never use to take up space on your device and potentially eat into system resources. Go to Settings > Apps and swipe over to the All tab . Take a good long look down the list and identify the apps you don ’ t want or need . If you ’ re in doubt about what any of them do then it’ s time to hit Google and check .
Tap on any app you don ’ t want and then choose Uninstall or , if the option is not there to uninstall, tap Disable . Disabled apps will be listed in a new tab , so you can always enable them again in future if you change your mind. You should also take a look in Settings > Apps at the Running tab . Some apps want to be running all the time and they can seriously impact on performance . Think carefully about whether you need what’ s listed there.

3 Disable Screen Animation and Live Wallpaper You need to be sure what you want with your device – performance or appearance . Both never walk hand in hand, not if your phone isn’ t high end. If you are looking for a superior performance , you should disable all the Live wallpapers ( if at all you are using them) and the screen animation that gives fading effect to your menus and unlock animation .

4 Disable High - Speed Data and Background Sync Both the features – high - speed data connectivity and background syncing – make a device comparatively slow and drain its juice . You could install power control widgets on your desktop and control the high - speed internet and background syncing right from the desktop . Switch on these features only when you require them and when the work’ s done , disable them. This trick will not only make your device faster but also help your battery to last longer .

5 Clear cached app data Cached data for apps should help them to load more quickly , but it can build up over time to take up quite a lot of space and there will potentially be cached data in there for apps that you no longer use . Sometimes clearing cached data for an app can also help clear up flaky behavior. If you want to pick individual apps then head into Settings > Apps and slide over the All tab and tap on the relevant app then choose Clear cache . If you ’ ve decided to just clear the whole lot then go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached data and then tap OK . Also , check out CCleaner , it cleans out your app cache and helps perform this kind of maintenance.

6 Keep your Home Screen Clean Last but not the least , always try to keep your home screen clean . Widgets are not a fancy item. They are there to solve a specific purpose . Thus use only what you require and reduce the number of home screen panels that contain icons and widgets.

1 . Remove live wallpaper
2 . download spare parts and turn off all animation
3 . Take out all widgets
4 . download all in one tool box to boost up phone
5 . download adw launcher
6 . download antivirus and always use it frequently
7 . go to recovery and wipe all cache
8 . do factory reset once in a while
9 . Download file manager and look for files you dont need and delete it.
10 . Disable unwanted system apps .
11 . download opera 11 ( with flash ) download all in one tool box it has task killer ram manager cache clean history clean SD card clean apk clean apkll leftover and startup manager .
12 . close apps in multitasking.
13 . Restart your phone.
14 . Disable nonfiction message from apps


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