Ways to know If Lock / Secure All Apps With Fingerprint Options On Their Android Devices

I am a proud owner of the TECNO Phantom 6 plus and so far my experience with this bestial device has been incredible and I can boast of the device everywhere, every day and at any time, including Understood the fact that the phone was delayed, I shot him, he managed smoothly.

In the past, I explored the characteristics of this bestial device, and found a very interesting feature that changes everything on this device and makes it a necessity and also a perfect device, this feature can block all applications and its gallery and To protect your privacy from the outside, once blocked these applications on phones accessible only with a single digital fingerprint.

Also with this feature you will not need third-party applications like antivirus, pro hide and vault, and so on. And without wasting much of your time, it allows you to watch the tutorial today. You open the app drawer, locate and click on the configuration, once in the configuration menu, find and click the imprint looks like the title below

Once seen, click on it and you should see three options available; Management fingerprints, taking pictures and accepting calls. Click on the fingerprint management and the following screenshot

Once you click on "fingerprint management" will be asked to confirm your employer, once confirmed that should see two buttons switch, one is on, but the second does not, so press the button to activate as It is shown in the screenshot below

Once activated, press "open application lock" will open and view a list of all applications on your device, once opened, select a list of applications that would want to block prying eyes alternating with them or better yet following capture Screen to activate and block all applications on your device.

Once that does just go back and open an application and asked to "touch the fingerprint to start unlocking".

If you have any questions / comments, or if you think there is another information you can add to this, use the feedback form below and we will get back to you quickly.


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