Top 5 Advantages Of A Device Rotated

There are many benefits to a rooted phone. Unlocks many features that we could not use before rooting.

You may think that rooting is not necessary, or is only likely to fear the process. You will be amazed at how much you can do with a phone with roots. As you can increase the speed of your phone and performance, you can install the custom ROM on your phone, you can run any application that can not be installed on the normal phones wifi kill luck patch, unlocker belt, DroidWall etc. . But there is a demerit As the rooting of your phone warranty will no longer be valid.

But there are many merits that disadvantages for a rooted phone.

Here are some advantages of a rooted phone.

1.Boost speed and battery with the root

You can speed up battery life with

Root on your phone and can also increase your speed. There is a SetCPU application that can not be used on the phone, but you can when you root your phone. Then you can use this application and can increase battery life and phone performance. Once you may notice rooted phone battery backup will be much longer.

2. Using Custom ROMs

You have all the names heard like Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and MIUI, to name but a few of the most popular.

Many customs offer several features that are not available anywhere else.

For example if you have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and want to buy new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But you do not have enough money to buy it, you can install the custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Note3. The advantage of this feature is that you can install all the features of Galaxy Note 5 on your Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy phone looks like the 5th note.

Most custom ROMs are updated to the latest version of Android very quickly as well, offering the best of both worlds.

3. Block ads in any app on the phone

Ads that will likely slow down while running and consume a little more of their data can be avoided when you have root access.

Rooting additions can block any application. After rooting, you can download AdFree applications, adBlocks that can not be run when the phone is rooted. Other ads can be blocked by these application applications. You can also download Lucky Patcher. Antipub software your phone works smoothly, without you seeing all the ads. There are so many adblockers you can install on your phone, but the chance to patch is too good for that.

4. Actual security copies

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular applications. Any type of data in the anchored phone can be supported by it. But in addition to act as a safety net in case some important uninstallation. Backup is so important in all phones.

Titanium Backup can also be used to backup your user data ... each of the user's data.

5. Unlock hidden features

Sometimes even Android is not open enough to give you some of the interesting features you want. Whether an application is blocked by carriers, hacks into Android system files, or otherwise unavailable. Fortunately, rooting can help: KILL WIFI can install the application to block other people's wifi, or DroidWall to serve as a firewall, install recovery images and so on.

Why not jailbreak your device today and explore more than you can imagine.


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