The Zorin OS 12 Linux Distribution Based On Ubuntu Now Available - An Alternative to Windows 10

Windows 10 is really an excellent desktop operating system, but not for everyone. For those who care deeply about security and privacy, an open source Linux operating system is a wise alternative. The problem? Learning a new user interface can be difficult for some. If you've ever used a Windows operating system in the past, switching to a desktop environment like GNOME or Unity can be confusing and scary.

Fortunately, for those who have difficulty with the change, there are Linux-based operating systems that are designed for Windows-switchers. A very popular offer, Zorin OS, has reached version 12. It is designed to be familiar to users of the oldest operating system Microsoft. While the company charges for an "Ultimate" version, the "Core" edition of Zorin OS 12 is completely free.

"Most applications of embedded systems have seen great improvements both visually and under the hood. Zorin OS 12 is powered by Linux Kernel version 4.4, now works with hardware further and introduces performance improvements and improvements in As Zorin OS 12 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will be supported with security updates until April 2021. This makes Zorin OS 12 to be the ideal for deployments in business, government , Schools and organizations option, "says the Zorin team OS.

The team also says, "with Zorin OS 12 introduce a new release schedule in the future." The main versions of Zorin OS once done every 2 years, meanwhile, a series of press releases that include betting Up to date, they will be made incremental for embedded applications, and support for new hardware, security patches and several under-hood improvements. This gives an optimal balance between the robustness of proven technology and the latest and latest features. Focusing on one version at a time, we offer the best experience possible for anyone using Zorin OS. "

Zorin OS has very good features, such as integrating Google Drive with the file browser. This means that Google users can easily access your cloud storage without any confusing configuration.

The Chrome browser is installed by default, which is really what to do today. Look, I know some people care deeply about Firefox - which is available for use as well - but Chrome is the best at this time.

The new Zorin Desktop 2.0 can be customized to make it look more like GNOME or MacOS (Full Version). The office environment has even useful gestures as the actions of the team below.

3 pinching of open fingers Summary of activities

4-finger slide (up or down) changes the workspaces

3 Press and touch a finger between applications

If you are ready to download, you can get the operating system here. If you are new to Zorin, I suggest you choose the free version "Core". However, if you find that you like and want additional features, the € 15 is a reasonable way to support the developer.


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