The 5 best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Use 

It has been a while since the great Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been released and the smartphone is still as strong. If you own one of the best Android devices have to offer, you might be interested in The 5 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to spice up the slightly aging smartphone. Do not get me wrong, it's still one of the best smartphones out there, but it's surpassed by mid-range smartphones these days.

The 5 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not completely change the way you use your device but they will surely help to renew the utility and features. I have selected a large number of different applications here and I am sure you like most of them, some are new some are old, but all of them will work well with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Due to the diversity of applications, they are not in a special order, so I highly recommend that you check them all out and then select one you like.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the essential applications for Android, it can not store your data because in the cloud, but because of its slew of web-based tools. Want to hit a mission on the road? Or maybe make a quick presentation on the way to work?

You can get all this with Google Drive with ease. However, there is a slight disadvantage to this; You will have to install personal applications for all functions work properly. For example, if you want to write a Word document, you need to download Google Docs.

The same applies if you want to do a spreadsheet, you will need to download Google Sheets. But you are eleven Made with all the download you will have full access to a bunch of features are available for free.

VLC For Android

VLC has been around for a long time, and it has proven itself as a free video player. I am a big fan of VLC player on PC and was very happy when it was released under Android as well. After staying in beta for a long time, the player is ready to be used by standard Android users.

It is a powerful and totally free player that allows you to watch almost any kind of video on your smartphone. The big screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deserves to be used as a portable multimedia screen and VLC for Android makes sure that you "can execute anything on it." This application deserves to be on the best video players for Android list.

MindBoard Pro S-Pen

If you are a creative person and get great ideas, at the most inopportune time, then this app is for you. I'm getting the best ideas, just when I'm about going to sleep and when I wake up They just go away.

With this application, on your side, you will be reliable to your mind map on your smartphone easily. The application supports freehand for mind mapping and is fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stylus. You will not only be reliable to write your thoughts and plans on this application, but make small notes that can also grow with more information.

Solo Launcher

Not many people are big fans of TouchWiz UI, custom dressup Samsung Android insists on its putting each phone. Fortunately, you are using Android and not a closed operating system Fruity, so you can easily install a third personalized launcher. Although there are a lot of amazing pitching out there, even we made the best customized list of pitchers for Android; Launcher remains simple.

I think most users of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are looking for a serious launcher that make lint work. Launcher does keep things simple by opting for a design material. It also cleans cache to increase the speed of your device. You can also customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with different themes and wallpapers, all available for free.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Do not mistake yourself; Samsung makes a very useful keyboard but it lacks some features. When you install a third card that SwiftKey, you can use this great for much more than screen videos. This is by far the best Android keyboard available, and I have personally been using it for 3 years. It is fast, reliable, and hangs on you ever.

The best part? If you are bilingual, you can easily switch between several languages ​​that pass the space key. Speaking of sliding, you can use gestures to write words that is significantly faster than writing an alphabet at a time.


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