Take The Screenshot In MIUI 8: Top 5 Ways To Capture The Screen And Use MIUI 8 Moving Or Great Screen Function

Xiaomi launched its iteration eight months ago Custom Firmware Android and among their impressive new features is the long Scroll Screen or Screenshot. Moving long or screenshot is a new feature in MIUI 8, which lets you shoot fully capture an entire page. This means that you can now take a screenshot even a non-visible part of a web page. This series of ways to take screenshots on MIUI 8 and how to use the new long screen feature are explained.

Take a time screenshot is one of the unique features of MIUI 8 smartphones Me and Redmi, since only a few ROM Android supports scrolling screenshot. Methods of taking the screenshot in miui 8 shared in this article works on all devices compatible with MIUI 8 include redmi 1S, redmi 2, redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Note Redmi 3 Special Edition, Note redmi 2, Redmi Note 3G, 4G Note redmi, redmi Note Prime, redmi 3 redmi 3S / Prime, Mi 2 / 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4,

5 Methods To Take A Screenshot In MIUI in August.

Xiaomi MIUI 8 is currently one of the best and most personalized customized Android roms in the world. It is a light consumption, low battery and rich in rom features.

1.) Using the key volume and power.

This method of taking Screencapture is not new for MIUI 8 has been used for a long time. You can easily take the screenshot in MIUI 8 or any other Android device, keeping the volume and the power button together. When you hear the sound of the camera shutter, the screen is captured correctly.

To capture more of what you can see on the screen, you must use the Long Capture option screen. Immediately takes a successful capture of your screen, an animation appears / float in the upper right corner of the screen and will be available for only five (5) seconds.

Click Scroll >> Scroll to the content page >> Tap OK when satisfied >> You can now edit or send / share the captured image.

Like the normal screenshot, it will be stored in the folder view in the gallery.

2.) Use a volume down and menu key.

Like the previous method, simply hold the Volume Down Menu key to capture the screen. Once you have made the screenshot you will see a floating animation page captured in the right corner of the screen and may decide to use the option to capture long or on screen.
The menu key is to the left of the start button.

3.) Using three fingers or Multi-Touch slide down.

Swiping down three fingers  on the screen you want to capture is another easy method to take screenshot on MIUI 8. It does not require holding on a button or button. It is much preferable to the above methods in the sense that it does not carry your power or volume down buttons. You must enable this function if you are using it for the first time.

You can also use the large screen capture function as explained in the method above.

4.) Using The Screenshot To Toggle Notification Bar.

This is one of the most used by users of MIUI methods. Unfortunately, you can not capture the notifications panel itself with this method.

To take the screenshot in this method, go to the screen you want to capture >> drag the panel notification >> tap the screenshot icon.

5.) Using the Quick Ball menu.

Fast ball is a new feature of MIUI 8 is an icon that appears on your screen and contains shortcuts to other functions. In addition, it is known that touch assist and screenshot is one of their default shortcuts. To take the screenshot in miui 8 fastball, tap the fastball icon and tap the screenshot icon.

You can reposition the Shooting icon screen or change all shortcuts by navigating to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Fastball >> Select shortcuts. Tap each shortcut to manage it. Take a picture or long image capture or scroll display with this method is the same as the first common method above.

This is all about how to take a screenshot in miui 8. Please share this article using the social sharing buttons below.


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