Samsung Really Launches A Device In Pink, Turns Out To Be Galaxy S7

The signs were there and there was every reason to believe that it would be true, but since we were very disappointed in the past, it was good that we did not believe anything until we saw Concrete proofs that this was the truth and the gospel. After hearing from the most popular OEM in South Korea and in many parts of the world would be to launch a device in pink, it came in fruiting when they launched a pink device on the actual market but instead of 'A new smartphone, New color variant in its current flagship model - the Galaxy S7.

This model has already been on sale in the company's home region and when you look at what they offer closely, we learn that did not extend that courtesy to your Galaxy S7 Edge model. Well, I do not think the curved screen variant should get angry with this because we saw the throw in Blue Coral a few days ago, while the flat screen brother has nothing of the same option to Color to cope.

If you are still very interested and want to use a training in the country, know that inly 32 variant GB is available in this color option too.


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